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As part of the biggest pole fitness franchise and longest-running pole fitness business worldwide, Aradia Fitness is the premier pole fitness and aerial studio in North America. As a collective, our team is committed to the safe, successful, and progressive instruction of our clients. We are a family that helps each other grow, and enthusiastically welcomes new members.

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Our community, country, and world is experiencing a tremendously historic & emotional period. We stand firmly with you against any expressions of hatred. Aradia Fitness has not, and never will condone bullying, harassment, body shaming, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexual misconduct, or any other type of behavior that is hurtful to others.

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Our promise to you – to provide a unique movement experience and an
empowering community to support you as you become Strong, Fit
and Confident with Aradia Fitness.


Aradia Fitness is not just about pole dancing and it never will be… we are about building a strong community and providing the motivation & support you need as you begin your movement journey.

Instructor Training

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Our instructors are continually undergoing training, continuing education, and more. All instructors hold current CPR/First Aid certifications. Each individual instructor is also required to hold at least one (1) valid fitness or movement certification or license. Many of our staff are versed in a wide variety of modalities, allowing us to provide a unique range of class offerings to you.

Aradia Fitness Pole Dance instructors undergo the Aradia Fitness Inc. apprenticeship and training process to achieve their Aradia Fitness Pole Dance Instructor Certification. As of 2020, all of the Aradia Fitness Aerial Acrobatics instructors will have completed the Aradia Fitness Inc. Aerial Instructor training & certification as well.

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